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Keyboard Protocol Converters
..........beta-prototypes, should be usable for daily work
Acorn A5000 ---> PS2
Amiga 500/1000/2000 ---> PS2
Atari Mega-ST(E) ---> PS2
Apple Lisa ---> PS2
DEC LK201/LK401 ---> PS2
HP-9816 ---> PS2
IBM PC/XT ---> PS2
IBM 3104 ---> PS2
IBM 3151-3153/3179/318x/319x/34xx ---> PS2
Mac 128k/512k/Plus ---> PS2
Sun 4/5/6 ---> PS2
Symbolics Keyboard ---> PS2
Wyse WY-85/PCE Keyboard ---> PS2

..........alpha-prototypes, proved to be working:
Altos IV (Wyse with special scancode) ---> PS2
Amstrad PC1512 ---> PS2
Falco Terminal (PCXT with special scancode) ---> PS2
IBM 5291-2 ---> PS2
Robotron K7637.50 ---> PS2
Micromint16 ---> PS2
Robotron/RFT KC-85 Keyboard ---> PS2
Robotron K7673.02 (PCXT with special scancode) ---> PS2
Tandy 1000 Personal Computer Keyboard ---> PS2
PS2 Keyboard ---> DEC VT320 ...
PS2 Keyboard ---> Mac Plus
PS2 Keyboard ---> Sun
PS2 Keyboard ---> IBM PC/XT Computer
IBM PC/XT Keyboard ---> DEC VT320 ...
IBM PC/XT Keyboard ---> Sun

..........current development
migration from EAGLE to gEDA/PCB is in progress, proprietary data formats are inacceptable
Qume QVT2xx/QX15
Siemens SINIX-282 (for 9780x)

Ampex Model 210
Apollo Workstation Keyboard
IBM RT / please help: connector datasheet wanted connector pictures
IBM 3177
IBM 3178
IBM Displaywriter
IBM 5251 Terminal Keyboard (parallel interface)
PS2 -> Lisa
Olivetti misc
Qume QVT102A and QVT109
RC Computer RC750
Robotron K7672.01/K7672.03
Sanyo MBC-555
Televideo 925 Terminal
USB HID using one of AT89C2051+USBN9604 or AT89C5130
C64, Atari 800XL, TI99/4a Keyboard Matrix ---> PS2 Computer
PS2 Keyboard+Mouse ---> Sun
ADB Keyboard ---> PS2 Computer (Take a look at Jakub Husaks xdb2usb converter using the Atmega8 to convert to USB)
Home-Computer Keyboard-Matrix-Emulator with ADG2128

..........planned/may be...
Commodore C128D Keyboard
Commodore C900
Genovation Parallel Keyboard
HP2640A Terminal
IBM 3278 Mod 1-5 Terminal Keyboard (parallel interface)
Intergraph Clipper-Arch Keyboard/Mouse
ITT Keyboard 2002 BT
Mostek MK78046
Philips, unknown model
Robotron K7634
Robotron PC1715
Siemens Tastatur 4000 (maybe from "Siemens Textstation T4200")
Siemens Tastatur TD81611
Siemens Teletext Keyboard
SGI Indigo
Lots of odd Keyboards in Hans Frankes Warehouse
Sync on green three-wire RGB to 5-wire RGBHV sync separator using the LM1881 to use any monitor on e.g. old IBM RS6000 250 machines
KbdBabel Keyboard-Protocol
Blow away some ridiculous patents concerning keyboards
Dont take the Project status qualification too serious, this may change fast.

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