Software used for KbdBabel:
The Macroassembler AS ("completely free"/same license terms) by Alfred Arnold
"D52" mcs-48/mcs-51/z80 disassembler (GPLv3) by Jeffery L. Post
gEDA (GPLv2) electrical circuit design
PCB (GPLv2) Printed Circuit Board editor
xfig drawing program

of course, it is all open source and runs on open source systems

Resources:, gEDA symbol/PCB footprint library
IBM IC Part number list

Tools and helpers:
kbdbabel_8749_reader_8051.asm quick hack MCS-48 8748/8749 EPROM reader using an MCS-51 (output via serial line 9600bps 8N1)
bla_serial_terminal.c serial line data receiver. Usage: $ ./bla_serial_terminal > romdump.bin #, then press the reset button on the kbdbabel_8749_reader_8051 and wait for some seconds, then press ^X

not keyboard related:
misc radiation measurement stuff
rgm3800-client.c command line reader and configuration program for the Royaltec RGM-3800 and RBT-2300 GPS tracker